Hey Everyone,

My lease is ending soon on my 2011 DMG WRX and instead of turning it back in, I thought I'd see if there was any interest first. The car is in excellent shape and has pretty low miles for a 2011 WRX (just hit 30,000). I'd much prefer to buy out my lease, and sell it to a fellow subie lover rather than turn a low mileage WRX back into the stealership.

I'm the original owner and the car is in excellent shape. No accidents, damage, dings, etc. WRX has been serviced regularly at the dealership etc. No mods done to the car other than a Nameless Performance Axleback Exhaust and Hyper Yellow DRL's.

Bringing the WRX in for an oil change next week and will request compression tests etc done as well. Will post results here when I get them.

I'm asking $20,800 and I'm pretty firm on it as the car is priced well below KBB ($23,000)

Additional Parts:

KartBoy Short Throw (brand new, never installed)

Winter Maxx Snow Tires (used for one season) paid $600 in December for them.

PERRIN Shift Knob (Slim)

Stock WRX Mufflers

Red Suede Shift Boot (brand new, never installed)


Probably some other things I can't think of at the moment. I'm sure I left some info out, any questions just message me (info, additional pics etc)