It is time for me to be rid of a WRX again.(3rd one)

I'm selling my 2003 wagon, silver, 5 speed. I would like to get $5500, but it's open for negotiation.

It has a big TMIC, K&N intake, turbo inlet, EXTERNALLY GATED w/Grimspeed wastegate bracket, full exhaust, and is opensource tuned for the EWG(done in Texas, not sure by whom though).
Exterior has some dings and scratches, typical 10 year old car stuff. The skirts are painted to natch, the headlights are Koji'ed, it has an STi scoop, and the area around the license plate is plastidipped flat black.
It is lowered on Tanabe Sustec GF210 springs. No other suspension mods.

THINGS IT NEEDS: Valve cover gaskets, a coil, shifter bushings, and a rack boot is torn. The car breaks up under a certain load, but if you ease into the throttle it pulls hard and the gate opens fine. I am pretty sure I fried it when I accidentally pressure washed the coils. I already replaced 1 coil and the plugs before this happened.

Mileage: Here's where you need to do math. I had an 03 wagon that I swapped the cluster with an STi cluster at around 21xxx miles. That cluster was swapped into this wagon at 165xxx miles(the stock one lost a few bulbs), so the odometer reads 38xxx right now, but it is actually 38-21+165K or around 182xxx miles(I forget the actual mileage, I don't drive the car anymore...I got a free Previa so I'm rocking the minivan!!). I'll check it tomorrow and get the mileage I wrote down when they were swapped.

Here's the link to my ad on CL, it has some pictures in it...
2003 WRX Sportwagon, externally gated.

CAR DOES NOT COME WITH ROTAS!!! They are on loan to me, so I need to get them back to the owner. I lost 2 STi BBS's to the crappy NJ roads and needed some wheels quick.

Any questions, comments, need references, etc...PM me.


Price is negotiable, no trades please...I have enough on my plate right now.