Year: 2008
Make/Model: Subaru Impreza WRX Premium 5-Door
Color: Dark Grey Metallic
Mileage: 99xxx (Daily Driver/50 miles a day/All Highway)
Location: Middletown, NY
Contact Info: aakleiner at

The car is up for trade mainly unless offer is right for outright buy. I am looking to get rid of my payment and get back into an bug/blobeye WRX sedan. I am looking for manual cars only. Trade open for for an unmolested WRX, stock/stage1/stage2 preferred, nothing custom/frankenstein, or 04+ Acura TL-S.

I love this 08 Rex. It has the Premium package (heated seats/wipers), lip kit, plus Navi/touchscreen. I am the second owner and have put 15k miles on it since I purchased in March 2012. First owner also babied the car. It was completely stock until I purchased it and did my own work on it.

Exterior 8/10 (Paint chips on front bumper from rocks, small crack in lip, paint chipped from someone hitting my door with theirs, Curb rash on rim)
Interior 9/10 (Some paint peeled off door handle on drivers side)
Mechanical 10/10 (Nothing wrong, runs perfectly)

Only modifications:

Cobb APv3 w/ Stage 2 map
eBay Catless Downpipe
Greddy Turbo Timer (installed immediately with first owner when they bought the car new)
5000k HIDs in Low Beam
LED dome lights

Owe about 13k on the car currently. So I am looking to get approx. that amount of cash + car on your end. Will sell outright for right offer.

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