* Name: Joseph
* Location: Fort Worth, Tx
* Means of Contact: PM
* Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 1991 MR2 Turbo
EDIT- New Price $7,000 OBO.

*Professional Picture with flashes from B.Lajoie Photography, see flikr for more pictures with normal people cameras.

The car was an original Turbo, this is not an NA > Turbo conversion.
Title: Branded (odometer stopped working at some point).
Mileage: 85,xxx on odometer. ~66,000 on Gen 2 3S-GTE Swap.
Power: 193 whp 198 wtq on AWDTunings Mustang Dyno.

JVC Headunit w/ ipod in glove box and bluetooth
Hybrid Audio Imagine series 6.5" speakers
Pheonix Gold Amp
2 layers of Dynamatt in each door
Python Alarm with tilt sensor and impact sensor
All Audio and Alarm done by Soundscape Audio in McKinney
HKS Boost Gauge in stock location
Center Console and Rear Center Glove Box as well as Shift Boot recovered in Faux Alcantara from Redlinegoods.com
OEM T-Top Shades and T-Top Bags
Autopower rollbar

JDM Gen2 3S-GTE (Bought from ATS iirc and installed over summer 2010. I believe it had 60k miles on it when we got it). Also replaced the timing belts and other maintenance items, I'll try to get a full list.
TopSpeed Downpipe (less than 6k miles on it)
Apex'i Powergrabber Intake (less than 6k miles on it)
HKS dual exhaust
Turbo XS RFL BOV (Will Include stock diverter valve)
TRD Motor Mounts
ATS throttlebody inlet
Greddy Sidemount intercooler
Walbro 255 fuel pump (installed at the same time as the motor)
New/Remanufactured AC Compressor which runs on the new stuff so you don't have to pay ridiculous amounts for a recharge in the future, Currently has a full charge, blows cold.

Tein Coilovers (about 12 years old, I don't think they're blown but they aren't suited to the WORKs so ride is a bit rough but not too bad).
Good pads, don't know name but either stock or Hawk iirc.
New stainless brake lines with Motul fluid (done at motor swap)
17x8 F 17x9 R Work VS-Editions.
215/40/17 F 255/40/17 R Kuhmo ASX's (rears at 3/32) I'll replace the tires for the new owner

Comes with
2 clutches, 2 pressure plates, and a flywheel (I think there may be a clutch inbetween the flywheel and pressure plate but they're old).
Stock USDM throttle body
Box of miscellaneous parts (window switches, nuts, bolts, etc.)

This was Forrest from PTP's old car, and so it has been worked on by them exclusively, other than the downpipe which I had done at AWDTuning so I could have dyno runs done to measure gains on the same day.

Asking Price: $7,000 OBO. Will go lower without stereo. Will also sell without wheels if you bring your own.

The paint is not original, respray was done in 1995.

Here is a link to my flikr with some general photos.
91T For Sale - a set on Flickr

Here is my flikr with all the trouble spots highlighted.
91T For Sale: Trouble Spots - a set on Flickr
Keep in mind that these are fairly small nicks, i'm just trying to make sure the buyer knows every imperfection. The only thing blatantly wrong is the clear on the spoiler. I had one guy who is looking to trade for a Miata tell me that "The car looked way worse in the pictures" since I zoomed in on every small scratch and most were taken with a flash.

If you're interested let me know and make an offer, worst I can say is no.

I won't lie and say it's never been raced, I took it to one TexasTimeTrial event and ran 2 laps, but realized the tires weren't cut out for it.
Took it to Denton dragstrip once, here's some footage of that, car felt great and pulled strong, still does.
YouTube - _DSC2028.MOV
9.651 at 76.92 mph

These are the dyno results from AWDTuning

The lower numbers are with the stock downpipe, the higher is with the Topspeed Downpipe.

The Bad:
Power antenna doesn't work, no clue why, the windshield antenna still works though. (I never use the radio, the JVC has ipod connection in the glove box and headphone jack on the face)
Cruise control doesn't work, no clue why, never did while i've had it
Some fading on the clear coat, check the pictures for closeups, mainly located on the spoiler.
As I said, the car has a branded title, iirc the carfax says something like "suspected odometer fraud" I wasn't too worried about it because the rest of the car just looks spectacular and the motor has low mileage.