Hello everyone,now I know quite a few of you would rather not have the ABS,But my situation is different
I have a bugeye that I recently replaced to faulty ABS module.ABS kicks in and works as it should,but the ABS warning light is constanly on the inst cluster.From what Ive read,when you turn the key to "on" position,the ABS light should blink 2 short times and then go off after a few seconds.Well,Well I torn my key on,the ABS light stays solid the whole time and never blinks twice like it should.Ive tried retrieving ABS codes through the black diagnostic connector under the dash using the grounding pins in terminal 6 and cant get the ABS light to blink a code.I cant even reset the ABS by inserting the grounding terminal in and out of terminal 6 within 12 seconds of 5 times.The fluid level is full,comletely flushed with new fluid.The brakes and ABS seem to operate as they should but this ABS solid light has me stumped?If anyone can provide advice,I would TRUELY appreciate it.Thanks in advance!!