Here's a video I made following the instructions below!

This should be fairly universal between vehicles, but in this video. I will be performing the work on my 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX.

Tools required
Philips screw driver
Cable cutters
Wire strippers
zip ties
electrical tape
about 12 - 15ft of 6mm or 1/4 hose (can use bigger, just use zip ties)
24 - 30ft of wire
Common sense

Step 1:
take off the two bolts holding the reservoir in place, wire clip and tube (bottom of reservoir closest to battery). Remove the reservoir & seal the bottom so you don't leak fluid everywhere.

Step 2:
Next, take the tube that you removed from the reservoir and mate the tubes together with a connector or the the connector I should you how to make in the video (use zip ties to prevent leaks).

Step 3:
Route the tube through the hole in the fire wall (It can be seen from inside the car, it's above the clutch and brake pedal). Pull the carpet & trim & tuck the hose through the car, between the seat belt & B pillar, under the rear seat & finally to the trunk. Be sure you have about 3-5 feet of extra hose towards the end & be sure NOT to pinch the hose!

Step 4:
Now for the wiring, Find the green clip you unplugged from the reservoir, cut the two wires about 2 inches away from the green clip (gives you room to work with). Get your wire, strip the wires & tie them all in. There should now be about 12 - 15ft of wire between the wire harness in your engine bay & the green connector. Now repeat step 3.

Step 5:
Find a mounting place for your reservoir. Use a drill to make holes & use zipties to fasten (quick way) or use custom mounts with bolts (long way)... This is all up to you. My trunk is gutted so it was easy for me to find a mounting point.

Step 6:
Test to make sure everything works BEFORE cleaning up. Once all is okay, tuck the wires & hose, tuck the carpet & reinstall your rear seat fasteners & plastic trim.

Congratulations, you improved your cars weight distribution (less nose heavy) & cleaned your engine bay a bit! You also gained about 1000awhp

Any questions please ask!