Hey all,
I have an issue with my 1999 STI RA - I am pretty confident that the head gasket is screwed - has a small amount of water in the oil, bubbles forming in top top tank and a bit of water coming out the exhaust. I was wanting to know of a bit of a procedure or if there were any videos/write ups on doing this...?? First of all I need to remove the engine, at that stage I will attempt to fix the head gasket or take it to someone with more expertise...but need to get it to that stage first. Not sure if I want to leave the trans in the vehicle or pull that out too...any ideas??

I have done minor work on other subs, brakes etc etc but throwing myself into the deep end with this 1 as I am really keen on knowing more about my car.

Any information / videos or anything would be awesome!! Also if anyone knows of a online workshop manual that would be even better.

Thanks !!!