it's been over a year since I got pro tuned. so i did some pulls yesterday and today after dusting off the ol' AP, updating the software to V3.

Cobb CAI w/ Box
Cobb Catted DP
Greddy SP Elite TBE

Pro tuned map is for 19.5 PSI peak boost, tapering off to 16 (or 15, it's been a while and i forgot the exact numbers).... tune was done on a Dyno Dynamics, 250awhp and 288awtq.

i appoligze for coming off Noob. i've had my car almost 2 years and haven't data logged since i got pro tuned. i'm getting the bug again now that it's getting nice out, thinking to a bigger TMIC and EWG *or* some drivetrain mods.

other than the MODS above, everything else is cosmetic.. RA Flaps, Tints, Side Air Deflectors, Digital Sound Processor, AMP and Subwoofer, Winter Steelies...