I noticed that the car felt a little off while driving. Used my AP and noticed that the knock sum on 2 & 4 were increasing, ending being in the 50 range. This was while cruising down freeway at around 2500-3300 RPMs. Turned on the fine knock learn and feedback knock gauges to find some knock occurring, again alll at the low range. Once I got home let wife out of car, started back up and definite engine stumble. showing knock again in 4 and 2, I understand at low rpms could easily be noise. Headed back to back road did a few pulls, I am seeing some knock again at the lower RPM ranges (see logs attached). and some fine knock learn, -.35, but looks to be at the shifting points between gears. Full WOT runs in 1-4 for both logs. Also attached is a log from my freeway cruise.

Car- 2011 wrx OTS CNA 91 AP map, no other mods to car.

The weather here in socal is extremely warm compared to the bay area were I from, this is the first day car has been driven in the socal heat and dry air that is going on right now, dont know if that is a possible issue as well.

Please any help or assistance would be amazing, heading back to SF tomorrow and dont want to risk that drive with any knock occurring.

WOT Pull 1:

WOT Pull 2:

Cruising log: