So once I do some more Mods for my birthday this October and Christmas this winter, I'll be wanting a Pro-tune (nd maybe in-between modding) I can go to EFI logics, and hour and 20 minutes away, OR I can go to Precision Tuning an hour and 30 mins away (but 20 mins froms my beach house, so I could spend the weekend there) From my knowledge, i'd say EFI is the best way to go, BUT their best tuner passed away (RIP, many have incredible things to say about you) and things may be tight over there.

Anyone who has any experience with either shop please chime in to help a young guy become more knowledgable in the tuning world.

(also, I own a 2011 STi sedan, Only mod currently is a Nameless Performance Muffler Delete, What should I do next?!)

EDIT*** I know this will be asked. What I want out of the car. I am happy with the handling, although I need to upgrade from these tires I got, I dont like them to much. But suspension wise I'm happy. I want more straight line torque.