Okay, Not really sure where to post this so I figured this might be the best. I have an Innovate LC-1 Digital Wideband O2 gauge and sensor. Now I'll admit, I was definitely very noobish here- I had it professionally installed, and never read the manual, so I really didn't know it had to be calibrated on occasion and such. For quite a while it's been blinking 7.4 at me and so on, and then eventually started fairly steadily reading 7.4 and occasionally blinking to 7.5 or 7.6 for a second, like the sensor was heating up but not reading correctly. When I realized it should be calibrated, I went to the calibration ground button, and realized the little LED that should be on, and used to be, is not anymore, at all. I've tried searching and haven't really come up with anything, and I'm rather confused. I assumed perhaps the LED had burnt out somehow- I did at one point short the circuit the mirror and radio are on, but I don't think that's wired into that circuit-, and tried to do an open air calibration, and the heater calibration. Neither worked; I haven't yet hooked it up to my computer, but only because I, of course, lost the terminator plug. Ordered one last night, should be here fairly soon. I don't know- If the LED is just burnt out, it could just need to be updated or corrected via the supplied program, but if the LED isn't burnt out, does that mean the sensor is bad, or is there another issue somewhere?

My apologies for rambling, and if I'm not very clear, I'm not quite sure how to word things here. I'll clarify anything you'd like if I can, but I'm just confused at this point.

Thanks for your advice!