Long story short my dumbass pre-owner of my 04 wrx connected the green test mode wires while the car was on. So of course one of the green wires got ridiculously hot and melted off the insulation and now i cant put the car into test mode.

Luckily the unit (COBB AP) was married to the car before the darwin award nominee burnt the wire. So i can do real time maps but not full reflashes. Since i have read numerous times that it will take a while for the AP to learn the engine it is best to totally reflash and drive around in the desired stage (stage 2) so that i can get target boost. But i cant reflash if i cant get to test mode.

Anyone know how to replace that wire? its the female green connector wire. Even a wire diagram would be nice so i could fix myself.

The dealership has no idea what im even talking about so theyre of no use.