i have a set of factory roof rail cross-bars(Yakima, round style) with all mounting/locking hardware that i doubt i'll ever use.

$100 picked up, $110 shipped
not sure what they go for, make an offer. if you need the factory rails, i'll consider removing them too.

my wagon will soon be de-railed, and i figure instead of having a pile of parts in teh garage, perhaps someone with a outdoor hobby could use these parts..

all i have is the crossbars, but i know with these its the starting point for endless accesories.. bike racks, kayak-rack, snowboard/ski holders, one of those tall bubble storage containers, etc...

if you know a Saab 9-2x owner who wants roof-decorations.. i can sell my rails too..they wont be on much longer...i'll even install em for them.

not sure if these bars work for the Forrester and Legacy, i'd only assume they do since i've seen them used on Toyota SUV's(seriously).