Hey guys, just stopping in to give word about a car show going on down here in Barnegat, New Jersey on Saturday, October 16th. A brief introduction to me -- my name is Shane and I drive a 2000 Toyota Celica (no flaming!). Although I'm not running the show, I am sponsoring it and thus felt it necessary to promote it a little bit

For those who know the area around Long Beach Island, its right at the new Sweet Jenny's restraunt on Route 9. You can't miss the place! Registration for cars is $10 and spectators can enter for free. We STRONGLY APPRECIATE IT if you could pre-register to give us a rough idea of how many heads are actually going to be showing up. If we know before hand, we can make necessarry adjustments to classes to help ensure that everyone gets a fair shot at winning something.

All the information and registrations can be found at http://www.s-fx.com/ocautoshow

Alternatively, you can email me at DoubleS69@aol.com or instant message me on AIM at Double S69. I look forward to seeing a few of you guys there and I'll be checking back on the site every so often for any updates or to answer questions!

Thanks for listening, guys!