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I hope a bunch of you can make it out to learn or at least to watch. Maybe Fat **** will do us AWDers a favor and instruct AWD drifting. Later guys.



Ok, guys (and girls), DGTA is hosting its first Drift clinic for anyone that really wants to improve, and would like some personal instruction from some of the DGTA guys and lots and lots of Track time.

We'll be providing a short classroom session, and going over different techniques, and then each group of 5 will be assigned an instructor for the day, and we'll put these techniques into effect. Great for all skill levels! First come first serve, so hurry up and register now!!

To register email with Oct 8th Drift Clinic Registration as the subject.

Date: Wed Oct 8th
Time: 10:30A-7P(ish)
Place: Englishtown Raceway Park in Old Bridge Township NJ (
Spots Available :15
Price: $125 with lunch