ok this is the offical thread for the dyno day im putting together. please post here if you are comming deffinatly, i need to take a tally on how much people i have so i can get back to the owner.


location: tri-state autosports 94-15 merric blvd, jamaica, ny 11432
time: 9a.m. - whenever...

they have a dynojet dyno capable of awd, fwd, rwd applications.

all people participating will get 3 runs. if you need more time pm me i can work something out.

prices: fwd/rwd - $75 w/o wideband
awd- $100 w/o wideband
add $25 for wideband to exhaust.

its a nice shop, they owner will clear it out for us so that we have enough space. if i can gather a big enough intrest i can get lower prices. so thats why i need to know exactly who is comming. any question email me ill be happy to answer. lets make this happen

for more info the contact for this is vtec2nr@hotmail.com

see u guys there