On August 5th and 6th the Tri-Region SCCA is holding their annual Double National Club Racing event. Each day is full of racing: Everything from Formula style cars, to Spec racing Miatas to Z06s Vipers, and STis. There is definitely something for every race fan. Best of all: Its FREE. That's right, FREE.

The pits and paddock areas are open to the public so you can walk right up to the cars and drivers and, if they are in a good mood (most drivers like their prep time before a race so be careful) they'll answer questions. Last year I met all the Aquilantes and everyone else at Phoenix Performance, including the legendary John Heinracy (very cool).

The ICY/Phoenix STis will be there running in front of everyone else in T2!

It's lots of fun and a great way to get up close to the cars we all love.

I'll be there taking pictures on Saturday (Sunday I'm at Summit POint for the Time Attack).