WTF..failed emissions in PA w/ cats and no CELS
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This is a discussion on WTF..failed emissions in PA w/ cats and no CELS within the Tri-State forums, part of the Regional Discussion category; yesterday i spent the day swapping out my bellmouth downpipe back to stock and then reflashing my ECU to stage ...

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    WTF..failed emissions in PA w/ cats and no CELS

    yesterday i spent the day swapping out my bellmouth downpipe back to stock and then reflashing my ECU to stage 1. I took my car to get inspected today and the guy told me it didnt pass emissions. Apparently the ECU hasnt been reset for a long enough period for all of the sensors to be reading correctly...does this sound right to anyone. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing me to fail?
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    Had the same thing happen in my audi S4 last year. Took three attempts (about 4 weeks) to pass.
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    You probably would have passed with your downpipe on anyway. Pa does OBD2 testing. When you reset your ecu you have to put a certain number of miles on your car before your sensors become ready.

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    It happened to me also.... there is a test cycle that the car has to go through. It is around 50 miles with varying speed and other stuff, you can ask the place to give you the instructions.
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    A general rule of thumb for OBDII is to allow two weeks after resetting your ECU to allow it time to "learn" that everything is as it should be.
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    From what I can tell, you need to put about 50 miles on it, and cycle the car at least 30 times (on/off with driving in between) after resetting the ECU before going to inspection. You car didn't technicaly's just the OBDII emissions sees it as a recent CEL reset (amongst other things) and thus, won't provide a passing grade.
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    Just happened to me last week. I had reset my ECU due to a cel a few days before, and they told me the car was reading "not ready". They charged me an extra $75 to "perform sensor readiness procedures". Which meant driving it around for a while until the car was ready. As far as I am concerned, still better than having to explain a CEL for misfire on all 4 cylinders.

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