Well not really, but since I own a gas hog about 350 miles on a tank, when the hammers not down.

I convinced my buddy to trade cars (tdi) with me for a couple weeks while I'm outta town for business. I need to drive about 1,400 miles in that time. So obviously the gas adds up. Granted it costs the same, roughly per Gallon (diesel and 93). But I'm getting 575 miles on a tank, with the ac on, yes I actually have the ac on, that is only 13 gallons as opposed to 16 in the rex.

Quick review tho, I am biased cause I still love volkswagen. Always classy, great interior and the car seems to always just wrap around the driver. My first volks was an '08 rabbit. Loved it.
This tdi is amazing, drives like I'm on a cloud. Stereo is bar none the best I've herd, compared to the 1980's boy n' da hood boombox that's in my soobie. Trash. It's has a lot of pep being a turbo, but I can't be a good judge of that, seeing as how used to the pull of the rex. However this fun, and agile.
These diesel engines are really hard to get used to as well, very finicky when your used to driving petrol everyday. I stalled as soon as let off the clutch (I hope my buddy didn't hear what sounded like me dropping the tranny from the car). You don't need to rev more then 1200 outta first, such a small rev band.
Speaking of the clutch, it's like stepping on a bag of feathers, compared to in the rex like kicking thru a brick wall. I can also shift with one finger with ease. In the soobie I've herd it compared to trying to move a stick through a bucket of sand. I couldn't agree more after having the tdi for a week.

All in all, my real plan to get him to buy a wrx is well underway. He doesn't want to tell me, but he feels part of the club, he won't wanna leave :P

P. S. Sorry for the rambling and incomplete Sentences, I'm a little hungover and need to pass a few minutes.

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