Pretty interesting. These events do not cater to spectators for viewing. the gnats were REALLY, REALLY BAD! :roll:
misquotes also. i had bug spray so i was everyone's best friend. actually got me a free red bull since i offered bug spray.
the people attending were either press covering the event from newspapers, rally car magazines and web sites, family of the drivers, retired drivers or retired co pilots.
this was a warm up event for the international event Oct 23\24. that event will have the big names like block etc. i think i'll go for that event. hopefully they do a better job for spectators at that one with more viewing options. They did 8 passes. I stayed for 3. long delays between passes and after the 4th they were going to have lunch and then 4 more passes.

It was fun.
1st pass video

3rd pass video

Here is the second pass video. anyone know who the dude is that honks
the horn hitting the turn? he drives hard and likes to have fun.
little editing on this one. i like the sound of hearing them come.