Hey guys on another forum(rs25) I came across a place I really wanna check out and figured it would be a great destination for a possible meet in sept. Lemme know what ya think. Place seems uber jdm. Figure we could all meet and drive up together. There is one in NJ and one in NY, but they're only 5 miles apart. So doesnt really matter to me which one, but id prefer NY just cause its not NJ. Figure we'd meet about 10am and bs for about 30 mins, head out at 10:30. Its about a 2 hour drive. Tell me what you guys think. I think this would be a bad ass meet/cruise with uber jdm photo ops. The only thing since this would be a longer drive to a far location and we would have to call in advance and reserve a certain amount of seats and such I need those who say they are going to come to actually show up. If we do do this and reserve for say 15 people, and only 5 show up then we are screwing the restaurant. And if we choose to do this again the people who didnt show as planned would not be invited to the next one. I think this would make a great monthly, or bi monthly meet. Lemme know what you guys think. I'm gonna post it also on some other local forums and see what kinda response I get.

Mt Fuji Restaurants
Mt. Fuji Restaurants, NJ, NY, New York, New Jersey, Japanese Steakhouse, Hibachi Restaurant

When: Sept 27th
Where: Meet at "the spot" cruise to Mt Fuji
Time: Meet 10am, head out 10:30am.