I have mentioned them before and just got my best alignment there yet: Phoenix Auto Center of Palm

Brad is the alignment guy and he got the exact numbers I wanted. He is very thorough and knows his stuff well adding ballast to the driver’s seat and floor equal to the weight of the driver for a more accurate alignment and asked if the tire pressures are where I wanted them. I hung out with him during the process out of curiosity – he was very cool about that. I had just installed springs the night before and learned a fair amount seeing what I worked with being skillfully adjusted along with my questions and responses / comments he gave. It was a fun 2 hours of car talk.

They also have a Hunter RoadForce wheel balancer with an equally impressive tire mounting machine. I had them mount my last few sets of tires and are a Tire Rack recommended installer.

They prep and work on SCCA Club road race cars so chances are you will see some cool stuff there as well. A gutted Solstice was being fitted with a roll cage yesterday.

Give them a call and ask for Kurt – be sure to tell them Bill with the silver WRX sent you.