I need the help of a dedicated Subie owner owning a Blue 2008 WRX in Rochester.

The Illusion:

I live in NYC and own a Blue 2008 WRX. My girlfriend lives in Rochester.

I am going to propose to her, but she thinks it's going to happen when she visits me the weekend of May 30th. What I would like to do is NOT propose... Drive her to the airport in my WRX, have her fly home... And then... My same WRX is parked in her parking spot when she gets back to Rochester where she will be dumbfounded and I finally propose. She already thinks I drive way to fast, it would be an amazing illusion for me to beat her flight!

The slight of hand:

All you (the Blue 2008 WRX owner has to do) is park in her parking spot for a mere hour and stay out of sight. I'll pay you for your time! I will get her to the airport 2hrs early, only to hop on an earlier flight with a different company (she's flying delta, i'll fly jetblue).

Another friend will pick me up at the airport and drop me off at the location. I'll propose someplace other than the parking lot so that you can take your car away asap.