Howdy all. This request is specifically targeted to the NJ crew, (Freehold area more specifically).

Thinking about returning to the Subaru game and a black 2006 WRX limited is being offered to me at a pretty sweet deal at a Honda dealership in Freehold NJ. The car is in stock condition and has ~18k miles. It has a clean, one owner carfax record and ive already seen it so thats not what im asking. Obviously i will throughly inspect the car for indications that it has been modified when i make the hike down to NJ but i just wanted to put a feeler out here to see if anybody has heard of it. The salesman told me that it was traded in for an accord maybe a couple months ago. VIN is JF1GD79626G518877.

Basically im trying to find out if the car has been ragged on/modified. Just because it is bone stock now doesnt mean it wasnt the whole time so if anybody fits the bill and could provide insight it would be appreciated.