I remember having a conversation from one of the guys who started drifting his 240sx at the Ikea a few months ago. But appartently, he was told by his sponsors that he had to stop. Never saw his car so I couldnt tell you if it was true or not but i DO remember some of my friends going down there and seeing the drift cars.

I would have loved to have gone to the meet but i didnt know about it and my cars in the shop right now. I may just wind up stopping by on the 24th. I live in north philly so its like a 15 minute drive for me. I didnt think any car enthusiets were still going down there. I used to go all the time on friday and saturday nights to see the illegal street races but I hadnt gone down there in like a year. From what I kept hearing, no one ever raced anymore becuase the cops kept braking everything up. So i stopped going but i guess i'll find myself down there again lol

anyone else from Philly??