big meet tommrow ! over 150 cars
we wanna see some nice sti's come chill the more the better !!!!
lot of car crews is comeing

the more the better !!!!!!!
come and chilll

Hey everyone, we have been having huge BMW/Audi meets over at my friends shop in Staten Island... Were looking to make this event a monthly thing and want to include MBWorld in on the fun.
The Shop owner personally has an SL55 and S600 so I think its fitting to see some more Benz's at the shop!

Im going to paste over the rest of the meet info from the other forums its on

Hope too see some new faces!!!

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Ok everyone, after the insane turnout at the last meet at Infamous's shop we decided to start doing these meets on a monthly basis. We had 60+ heads last time and were shooting for 100+ with this event. This meet will be posted on E46Fanatics, M3Forum, BimmerForums, E90Post, AudiZine, AudiWorld and MBWorld.

As always there will be Coffee and Donuts for everyone to enjoy as well as some amazing cars to look at and great people to talk to.

Here are the details for any new people.

Mobile Addictions
42b Dolson Pl.
Staten Island, NY
Friday 1/18/2008 @ 9:30PM oc=addr&om=1

There will be a caravan location in Brooklyn and NJ (details to be posted later)
The Brooklyn Caravan is a great spot for anyone from Queens or Long Island to meet up.

Lets get a list going of who will be coming (please indicate which caravan you might be interested in coming along with)

caravan info



north nj:

li to bk:

this is helf of the list it has not been up dated

2 vinnys coupe
3 fi'd g
4 ag351389
5 stoof
6 eko
7 jlc2812
8 jist26
9 jayjay3452
10 cruiseluva62886
11 g tray pound
12 mindz82
13 sleeper400 + glex25
14 eug1245
15 hollywood


1 zero0 2 sixty
2 jms71585
3 04 liquidsilver
4 cliffordrican
5 isilversureri
6 zthirtythr33
7 hotimportgirl
8 skochur
9 delayed z
10 nismo neil

E46 Fanatics List
1) xlacrosse - Paulie -(Brooklyn Caravan Leader)
2) ///A (Brooklyn Caravan)
3)rmontheweb -Roni- (Brooklyn Caravan)
4)bobm3(brooklyn caravan)
5)tblue3cibm - Anthony- (BK Caravan)
6)J0eshmo86 - Joe- BK Caravan
7)nikkoo00 - (BK caravan)
8)Zero0 2 sixty - Ant
9)Advans- Gary- (Brooklyn Caravan)
10)Accuracy - TRavis - BK Caravan
11)nav2000 BK Caravan + 2 Guest
12)Sharif -
13)MR330 NJ Caravan
14)WilC NJ Caravan
15)EuroHourse - BK
16)Fatal Flash
17)Try M3 ?
18)Ant Anthem

Bimmer Forum List
1)finesta101 + 3 - BK
2)BoNeZ325is - BK
3)gekko16 - BK
4)finesta101 + 3 - BK
5)BoNeZ325is - BK
6)gekko16 - BK
7)dilat3d - LI
8)TC3modena - BK

2)nitroracing456 - Al - BK Caravan
3)MysticDroptop - Brian - BK Caravan
4)Rat3d M - Jason - BK Caravan
5)ttenneb - BK caravan
7)M603 - BK Caravan

1)kingofnyc - Brooklyn Caravan + his Crew
2)Cavallino - BK Caravan + 3
3)AudiAyo - BK Caravan
4)slim26 - BK caravan
5) blueraj - bk caravan

1) louieginzo (staten island )
2) BlackLiquorish8 -(Brooklyn Caravan)
3) obsidian05e55
4) brabusW209AMG
5) DonMario2k
6) DimitryS500
2) nigxdoof

1) BaLLzZz -
2) Vikingus - attacking from queens
3)ispy335i - Brooklyn Caravan
4)zhehbka - BK caravan
5)Acuracy - Travis