There has been some chatter about having a junk yard meet. So here ya go. Instead of having our usual Sunday lunch meet. We will gather at Harry's U Pull It in Hazleton, Pa. We normaly meet at noon for lunch. I think it would be better if we get together earlier for this meet, say 10am. This will allow people enough time to find and pull the parts you need. Harry's can get pretty busy on the weekend and parking can be hell. I would recommend that we gather at a remote location and car pool to the yard. We could meet at/near my work. Unless everyone would rather just meet at the yard. This is open for discussion. In the mean time here is the link to their web site remember to reference everything from the Hazleton location. We could still stop for some eats after, if you want.

Gerenral harry's info:
Winter Hours
$2.00 Admission
All of the vehicles are easily accessible.
All locations offer wagon and hand truck rentals.
All locations have engine hoists for easy removal and loading of engines.
The Rules
Sorry, No Credit Cards or Checks Accepted. Cash Only.
You must be 18 years or older with proper ID to enter Harry's. 16 and 17 year olds are welcome when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and must have a photo ID.
Bring your tools, and ONLY your tools. No car parts are permitted in the yard. All parts should remain outside. Prior to purchasing a part, you will be allowed to get your old part to match it up.
No jacks are permitted, as all parts are easily accessible.
No torches or compressors are permitted.
Sandals or open toe shoes are not permitted.
Alcohol is not permitted in the yard.
Harry's reserves the right to deny admission to anyone.
All parts are sold "as is." There are no exchanges, returns, or refunds.

Who's going: