Just joined here after browsing for the last couple months. Also thinking of signing up on the LegacyGT and I-Club forums. I guess you can say I'm new but not really new. I'm just looking for a place where smart conversation may occur, this site seems to be one of the more serious ones. I'm also new to Meetup.com and they have a little group for North Jersey Suby owners, too. I just thought I'd post here and spread the word- http://subaru.meetup.com/43/

I currently drive a B9 Tribeca and a '97 Outback. I also have a '95 Impreza project rally car. I currently travel between NJ and FL doing contract work for Subaru dealers. I've been driving Subarus for about 10 years and love them.

Does anyone know where I could find some good information relating to the B9 Tribeca? I know it's not really a performance model but I'd like to research future exhaust mods and nice aftermarket wheels. Let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks.