It is a 2005 Rev.7-the newest one, with the Dip switches. It has the newest firmware 5.3 on it. It is about 1 year old. I have the remote map switch selector, launch control wires, and all the accessories. I dont have pics but then again you dont really need them. Its in great condition. I also have a few maps, 2 power maps, a safety map and thats it. Those maps are for the vf-39 with about an 11.3 A/FR at about 20lbs. They are very fine tuned so all you would have to do is just subtract some boost values if you are not externally wastegated.

There is some black electrical tape over one wire because i was previously running a second map sensor. All is back to stock and works just fine.

$600 for forum members-and ill be more then happy to help tweak the maps if any locals buy it from me