For sale is 4 Prodrive GT1 Wheels Matte Anthracite 18 x 7.5 (5 x 100 bolt wrapped in General Gmax Tires size 225. They were purchased from another member on this forum 4 years ago. Last year I had a little bad luck with these wheels, I hit a Pothole and in the process Cracked one of the rims (Tire is still in tact) and the another Rim the outer lip is slightly bent however it bubbled the tire. I am selling these for $300 Local Pickup preferred. You are getting 2 perfectly good Rims (some curb rash) with perfectly good tires that have about 11,000 miles on them. 1 Rim that has the small bend in the lip, this was confirmed to be an easy repair by a wheel specialist, no crack underneath the lip, however the tire on this one bubbled, it appears there is no bubble in them at this point but I wouldn't risk it. The other rim that is cracked the tire is in great shape so you could easily swap it out or I can have it mounted and balanced for you on the good rim at your expense.

I am located in 07960 but the wheels and tires are located at my parents house 20 minutes away. Local pickup is preferred but I will ship at your expense as well.

If you already have these rims and are looking for a spare these are great for you. Or if you want the full set for cheap, you can get 1 rim from the vendor on here Oakos Automotive or from their site OAKOS - WRX, STi, EVO 8/9/X, S2000, Forester XT & More Performance Parts. If you go this route you could have a full set of these rims/tires for under $800. Prodrive is no longer offered in the US so there aren't many vendors to find these wheels from anymore.

Trades: I am open to trades, I am preferrably looking for 2 stock LGT rims 05-06 model (5 spoke), Used (depending on how much) Bilsteins or Coilovers (I would put out cash on top)

Pictures are as followed:

1. the 2 good rims/tires:

2. The rim with Bent lip (tire had bubble):

3. Closer look of bend:

4. Wheel that is Cracked (Tire is still good):

5. Look at Tread:

6. Tread Depth: