I sold my '04 STi for a 2011 WRX hatch because I needed the room for puppy transport so I have no use for this sub and enclosure. I really enjoyed the depth of sound in this 10" and it's a shame I just don't have anywhere to put it. It's in great condition. I've never really put it through it's paces because I mainly listen to live recordings and talk radio.

Sub is a 10" Memphis M3
"M3 technology allows you to easily remove the
cartridge from the motor assembly." So this means parts can be replaced if you would ever blow it up.
• RMS/Peak (w) - 500/1000
• Sensitivity (dB) - 89
• Magnet Size (Oz) - 85
• Mounting Depth (in) - 5.6
• Dual parabolic cone geometry
• Field serviceable design

Memphis Vented Box
This is the enclosure recommended for this sub
• Air Space (Cf) - 1.04
• Wood - 3/4" MDF

Asking $175 picked up. I'd prefer not to ship since the sub is at least 5 lbs. not including the box and don't want to damage the cone. More pics on request. It's obviously out of the car. PM if interested.