Hey guys. I'm announcing the death of my WRX. In an attempt to recoup some cash on what I've invested here's a limited part out. Make offers on parts.

In effect you will have to come here remove the parts and replace with your stock parts. Maybe someone will bite, maybe not. I know it's cold out, but I have till monday.

Here's what I have, in order of ease for replacement.

Pioneer mp3/tape deck head unit. Must replace with your stock radio unit. This is an awesome radio. Make me an offer.

GFB BOV (50/50) red (for return unit)

STi replica strut bar ( no replacement required )

Scorpion/Prodrive stainless exhaust (really love this exhaust, swap for stock)

Upgraded rear sway (replace for stock)

Eibach springs / KYB 4 way adjustable shocks ( to take these, you'd need some serious desire to work on this in the street in this weather and the car must be returned to stock with stock parts) I don't think anyone is going for this one, but hey who knows.

The uppipe and bosal downpipe just aren't worth anyone's time I don't think (unless you're just f'n crazy).

I will not have someone come and take the car apart and leave, or leave the car in an unacceptable state. This car is going to the insurance company as salvage and must be acceptable for that purpose.

Make me an offer on what you want, what it's worth to you.

PM me here with what you want and a number and I'll get in touch with you.