okay so after some research is it ideal for an 04 sti 6spd swap into an 07 wrx?

both 5x100, will axles match up?

found a deal on the whole swap, what will be needed for the 2004 6spd into an 07 wrx, OR

is it easier to just do the 07 sti swap, and why is the R160 recommended for the 07 swap and not the R180?

i know there are mass amounts of threads for the swap but I'm someone who looks into every little detail before starting a project and just want some more insight on the job from another perspective view!!

04 USDM Sti 6 speed:
-driveshaft from an automatic or from Sti with a yolk for a wrx
-3.90 R&P gear to replace the 3.54 in the WRX
-R180 rear differential and Sti hubs, rotors, brakes and axles*
-6 speed shifter and assembly****
-front axles and hubs can be reused provided the transmission still has the axle stubs in it.
-DCCD controller optional but recommended**
-6-speed clutch fork and slave cylinder?
-5speed or 6 speed flywheel and clutch

07 USDM Sti 6 speed: into wrx
-6 speed shifter and assembly****
-6-speed clutch fork and slave cylinder for 2007 sti
R160 rear diff (02-05 wrx)
6 speed clutch and flywheel
Circlips from 2004 sti, oil seals and axle stubs