Hello! Im Eastwood and i have a 98 legacy outback. I just swapped out my trashed 4eat and already swapped in a 4eat from a 2003 wrx. I already have the correct starter and rear end, but the wiring harnesses dont match up.

I understood they were all the same transmissions, and although i can see they are not exactly the same I need to know what i need to do to properly get my car going.

My questions are : Can i splice in the old harness from the old tranny and replace the plug on the new tranny? I will need wiring diagrams for this if possible, and not sure where to find them, any help is greatly appreciated.

Do i need to buy the TCM for the 2003 auto WRX?

Do i need to buy the 2003 harness and TCM, then wiring that to fit my car?

Upset because i already installed the tranny and don't want to blow it up!

Thanks abunch!!