Okay so I am going to pick up an STi 6spd tonight and an R180 rear diff. Is there anyway to make sure that it's a 6spd and an R180? like part numbers or anyhting obvious? I haven't spent enough time starring at my Trans or Diff to be able to tell just by looking at them the difference between 5spd, 6spd and R160 R180. I am sure that everything is legit but would hate to get ripped off. I am getting it for a KILLER deal and want to make sure that it is not for a reason, trans and diff have 31k miles on them and a blown center diff. so that is why he says it is so cheap. (I know the center diff is expesnive but my car is RWD right now and is getting another RWD spool in this one so I dont care).
Thanks for any help I recieve