Ok. I have an 03' WRX and the trans was shot so I bought an 06' 5MT out of another 03' that had 8k on the trans. He said it was a WRX trans but when I put it in today the 03' front axles did not fit (female) so I orderd 06' WRX axles and they did not fit.. they were a differend kind of female ends.. The 06' trans i have needs a male axle... When we found them on the computer they said it was for a standard Impreza. The Trans code tag is TY754VWAA-TX. I Googled it and I am getting some saying it is a WRX and some saying it is not... Can someone please help me? I dont want to put in a tranny that I will ge blowing up in a month.. Here is a pic of the broken axle that was in it. Thanks so much!
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