Hi all, first up want to say the people on this forum have given some invaluable advice and have been a great help with my clutch replacement that I undertook my self ! Lots of good info.

After replacing my clutch and flywheel which was most definitely rooted ( new one feels great) I still have a problem with 2nd gear clicking, makes the car shudder as though it's only partially engaging, with the clutch ou in neutral there is a slight rattle noise. This was the reason I replaced the clutch as a "more" mechanically minded friend felt it was my throw out bearing gone..... It probably wasn't in hind sight yet the clutch plate was almost dead and the flywheel bearing certainly was. This leads me to the obvious conculsion that 2nd gear is dead( or synco's).

Kinda sucks but I would have had to do the clutch anyhow sooner or later probably sooner..
Another point of info no metal or teeth came out when I dropped the oil.

So my question, whats my best option at this point as in what should I replace the current trans with while retaining the clutch I just installed. Car is a UK model cg8 Wrx impressa sedan (non sti) year my98. I'd prefer to replace the whole trans than rebuild it, roughly a $2000 budget for this.

Thanks in advance for your advice or just general thoughts.