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This is a discussion on 2013 STI Short Throw Shifter versus Stock within the Transmission & AWD forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Originally Posted by Heide264 Or do both like I did The factory option moves the pivot point by using an ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heide264 View Post
    Or do both like I did

    The factory option moves the pivot point by using an alternate shift linkage. Aftermarket levers use just a shorter lever. Using both will give you a yet shorter shift.
    So how short does this make the throws? When referring to the base wrx. Using the spt option with say a kartboy or Cobb lever and bushing set? Vs just buying the kartboy/Cobb with the factory linkage? I'm still not 100% sold on the factory sts. Esp considering how much it costs vs the aftermarket options. Not trying to thread jack. If I'm outta line ill make my own thread.

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    Re: 2013 STI Short Throw Shifter versus Stock

    I thought we covered this in the other thread pretty clearly.

    You can use both together for a further reduction of throw. I wouldn't pay full price for the factory option. It isn't cheap. Regardless, it will further reduce the throw.
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    I ordered my 13 STi with the STS from factory, and I'm LOVING it. Probably the best shifter I've ever used. It's taller than some prefer, but the throw length is pretty good IMHO.

    It's also a lot easier to shift than the Kartboy on my '11 WRX was. Just making the lever shorter makes it more difficult to shift. I didn't mind, but my wife hated it.

    I also had issues grinding 5th gear after I installed the Kartboy. Never figured out what it was, just had to learn to shift into 5th more slowly so it wouldn't grind.

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    I just had the subaru short throw shifter + bushings installed - it was a free install - long story. It's nice, it's a shorter throw, but not really short, like what you would have in a true blue sports car. I happen to like this - in between length - but if you want a really short throw, it won't give you that. Subaru's is subtly shorter. Just my two cents.

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