Transmission Blew, i need your guys help!
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This is a discussion on Transmission Blew, i need your guys help! within the Transmission & AWD forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Hey everyone, so this is my first post on here so go easy on me =) This is gonna be ...

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    Transmission Blew, i need your guys help!

    Hey everyone, so this is my first post on here so go easy on me =)
    This is gonna be quite long but please read i really need some help on this.

    So i bought my 07 wrx back in may, when i bought it, it already had on it a turbo back exhaust, cold air intake, tune, short shifter, and a racing clutch from subaru.
    This wasn't my first manual car, but when i first got in the subaru to drive it, the clutch was SOO ****ing stiff (i brought the car into a subaru dealer one day and one of the guys there said it was the stiffest clutch he had ever felt) it seriously felt like you were pushing through a brick wall or something. So because this clutch was so stiff and hard to get use to...i wore it in...and grinded it... and burned the clutch quite alot, but on the other hand when giving it some gas and shifting through gears it worked beautifully and felt amazing, which i did that alot considering this was my first performance car and the power felt nice haha. But i knew with all the driving i was doing i was going to have to buy a new clutch soon.
    Fast forward three months later and my clutch is starting to slip, i drove the car a good 3 weeks ish, before i took it in to a clutch/transmission shop because it was getting so bad to where i wouldn't be able to give it more than half throttle at 3k rpm and it would start slipping. Because after driving the car for over three months and i still hadn't got use to the clutch (i mean i got better but still wasn't perfect) I was like **** it I don't want to blow through another racing clutch and end up having to replace it in another 3, 4 months, so i decided to just buy a stock clutch.

    Now with all that background information out of the way, this is where the story begins. So after getting the car back from the transmission shop, they told me to drive the car normal for a bit to let the clutch wear itself in and not do anything to crazy with it. Which is understandable, so the first day i got it back i barely gave it any gas. But on the second day... after having to drive my performance car like a grandma for almost a month, i wanted to give it a bit of gas, so i punched it, and after that, something felt strange with my felt...achy, i was shifting through sand? I dont know its really hard to explain it but it didn't feel right or normal, but i thought to myself, okay maybe its just the clutch wearing itself in. So i drove the car pretty nicely after that, and i went into work for 5 hours and after i got out felt the clutch and it felt perfectly fine and smooth again...weird, so i gave it the full throttle, and there was that weird feeling again. Eventually it got to the point where sometimes it would feel like that and sometimes it wouldn't after giving it full throttle which made me start to think okay maybe it is just wearing itself in. But then, a week later, i started hearing some noises, like i was in second hear at around 2k rpms and it sounded like there was a ticking noise or something. So after i started hearing that i decided i was going to take the car back to the shop the next day to see if there was something wrong with the clutch or something. But...later that night, me and my friends decided to go to the beach and so i was driving and my friend in his modded g35 pulled up next to me at a red light and wanted to race. (AND I KNOW IM SUCH A BIG ****ING IDIOT FOR DOING THIS) So when the light turned green i launched the car, and everything was fine..until i shifted into second...and then there was a loud CLANK and something broke... my car then started to make putting noises. I got the car towed to the shop and after they checked it out, they said i blew my second gear...and that metal was shot threw my transmission and i need a whole new tranny...they told me that it was caused because of racing and that i shouldn't be torquing the car that much and then shifting quickly...but my arguement to that is that its a performance car...its meant to do that, people race these things.. like i don't ****ing get it hes acting like its some ****ing civic or its really strange to me when they put in the new clutch, they had to go through the tranny and they said everything looked fine in the tranny...and then what a week and few days later and my second gear blows? And keep in mind before i got the new stock clutch, i was driving the subi hard every now and then for the past 3 months...and i never had a problem then...

    Basically guys, my question is...does this sound suspicious on the part of the shop i took it to? Or did i do something wrong?
    Thank you so much for reading and any help i may get. =)

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    Sounds kind of sketchy to me, but IDK sometimes thats how it work with cars. You go in to fix one part, disturb another and then you have another part going bad. Launching is not nice for the WRXs although the transmissions arent honda civic quality they arent like "rally car balls to the wall" quality. If you think they are rotten maybe you should take it to another shop and get a second opinion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzybunny5 View Post
    does this sound suspicious on the part of the shop i took it to? Or did i do something wrong?

    Either or.. maybe both. It's hard to say. People break the five speed left and right, other people drive on it with twice the car's original power and don't have issues. The car is AWD, so the stress on the transmission is much greater than if it were a RWD car. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if the MT from a Civic is stronger than the Subaru 5MT. The WRX is not made to be raced, contrary to popular belief. It is a four door grocery getter with a little pep. People that say it's a rally car have never seen a real rally car being built, they replace everything.

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    hmmm.... okay well im going to go in tomorrow to talk to the guys at the shop about it to ask some more questions
    thanks for the help guys!

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