I recieved an improperly packaged EJ205 and the oil cooler popped off and too a chunk of the block with it. The chunk that came off has half of the threads (if there were 40 total, then there is 20 left). (see pics below)

I tried to just screw it in anyways, but it isn't long enough to reach the other threads.

The only solutions I can think of are the following:
-Buy an oil filter relocation kit ($160+)
-Retap the block (not gonna happen, it's PITA and might not hold)
-Search around for a shaft with the same threading but 1/2 inch longer (I don't if I can get any metric parts in town)
-Convert to another make oil filter and buy cheaper relocation kit (~$100-150)

I have no idea where to start here. Is there is a common thread type (SPT, BSPT, etc) for oil filters? If so, does anyone have a clue as to where I can get one that is longer.

There is another option:
JB weld that chunk back up there and hope it holds. I'd rather not do that because if it cracks, there will be oil pressure loss.

Any feedback is appreciated.