so i'm a click away from ordering the 20L pail of Extra S. i was wondering if anyone would be intersted in some since 20L would just sit around for a long time.

$45/5qt is bout what it's going to run me so that's what i'm going to offer it for. one dealer near me wants $15/qt and another wants $30/qt! so i'm biting the bullet and going to get the pail cause $9 bucks a quart sounds way better to me! haaha hopefully this will help out some members as well.

i'm new to the forum so please excuse my no post count. i'm in the pasadena area so if anyone is in the sgv hit me up.

i'm going to let 2 go (10qt)
anytakers? my shop is by the irwindale speedway, you bring your own container.

thanks guys!