Hey,,does any one have the Brake diagram???
I was installing my Stoptech BBK and i need a replacement part cause i rounded the bolt.
I will try to explain,,but i dont think you guys will understand my explanation.

The BBK came with the SS lines,,the front right side of the car i couldnt install the SS line cause the part rounded and i will need to replace both lines there.
One of them i have that came with the BBK,,its a SS short one,,the other one i am talking about is the one that connects to this short SS line.
I think maybe it goes to the ABS or something like this.
So,,its the brake line that connects to the short brake line that connects the calipers.they both connect near the shock.

Anyone understood?
Anyone know the part number so i can buy it in USA,,if i order here in Brazil will take 1Month,,and my car is in jackstands.