Done a little research, but haven't found many answers. I want to loft my 2004 2.5ts, and I'm thinking on doing a 2004 forester suspension swap since the "right way", but I can't really find an answer to my question about tire sizes..what could I run for tire sizes? If I did my math right, it looks like 28s, but I could be wrong. ideally, I'd like to get it to squeeze 31s under it, but I'm afraid it'll take a lot of extra money to do it right. I'm pretty well bound to a 2" lift because of my cv's, but if I go more, how can I correct my cv issue? I really do enjoying going through mud holes and showing the truck guys that a car can do it too...but i get high sided wayyy too easily, I want that extra clearance. Are there any other "right" ways to lift it for maximum clearance, or am I kinda stuck with the 2" forester swap? Thoughts, opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated!