When I was looking to do the spring upgrade, I was deciding between RCE Blacks and the COBB springs. I ended up going with the COBB springs because of the spring rates. I wanted something slightly stiffer that stock and that has a mild drop. Both qualified and after a lot of thought, I went with the COBB springs because I thought the RCE springs would be too stiff.

After a bit of driving, I decided the COBB springs I think were definitely the right ones for me. They aren't excessively stiff. They are noticeably stiffer than stock, but not uncomfortable. I just drove from Ohio to California and can say they didn't wear me out. Also, the drop is perfect. I didn't think 7/8" would get rid of the wheel well gap, but it sure did. Looks alone make these springs worth it. I was able to get 2.2 degrees of camber up from with the new top hats (whiteline com-c) that replaced the completely toasted OEM ones. The bearings in those were super notchy. Overall, the handling is noticeably better. The difference isn't quite as noticeable as when I did sway bars, but understeer is reduced and it really hugs the corners.

I am definitely glad I didn't go with anything stiffer than the COBB springs. Even the RCE blacks would have been too stiff for me. The one issue I have with these springs is they tend to bottom out pretty easily. I am not really sure if I can fix that by adjusting the settings on the Koni dampers, but I don't think that's the case since that is the rebound adjustment. The car with the alignment really likes to turn in, much easier and willing than stock, and I have found the new weakness in my setup: the seat! I keep sliding off the side when I am going around hard corners. Not sure what I will do about that since I drive quite a bit and I am not sure an aftermarket seat is going to be comfortable enough.

Any advice on the bottoming out, the seat, and the Koni settings in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!