I might possibly be able to swing some Kyb Agx w 921 spacers, if I get Sti take off springs instead of the pinks, if I could get some clarification on them.

I have always read that the usdm Sti pink springs (for 04-07 Wrx sedan) had the same spring rate and similar drop as oem Sti take off springs, pinks being a tad lower.

But I have also read that Sti take off springs would raise a Wrx since the Sti is a little heavier. Is this true?

All I want is a small drop (usdm pinks being the lowest I would go) and Sti/Pink spring rates but I do not want to lift my Wrx even .1mm higher than it is.

Does anyone know for sure if Sti take offs would lower or lift my Wrx sedan?