GD Sedan w/ the following rear suspension components:
KW V3 coilovers front and rear
Group N tophats front and rear
Hotchkis front and rear 'track' swaybars
Cusco trailing arms
TSSFabrications trailing arm mounts
every bushing in the car is either Whiteline or TiC so no crushed bushes are at fault
Massive RaceSpec rear front and rear rear control arms
Hotchkis sway links
2005 JDM STi rear subframe cradle
Stance subframe mounts
Kartboy subframe locking bolts
Whiteline diff bushings
Cusco rear sway mount brace/diffuser mount
Whiteline HD forged sway mounts
DSS axles 1" longer than OEM

my problem:
swaybar mounts are too short.

it seems even when totally loaded, the sway mount brackets are too close to the body and the elbows rub severely.
I ordered Forester mounts, I will update this if they work, but it seems odd this should occur.
Everything is adjustable, and the settings are correct.

Has anyone had any experience with this?
all the frame specs are still OEM as far as fitment, the frame modifications did not alter mount points.

I'm minutes from a finished car... this is our last issue, and 8 men are