Today during fit testing of Cusco's rear sway bar mount brace, we found that Whiteline's "HD" sway bar mounts do in fact fit very nicely over the reinforcement tabs on Cusco's brace.

Whiteline is the only company who's mounts are not flat all the way across the mating surfaces. The V shape of the mating surfaces on the Whiteline pieces are approximately 1/2" shallower than Cusco's tabs. This means the Cusco bar will require being shaved slightly, but not at all enough to alter it's strength, durability, or effectiveness.

If anyone is looking to strengthen the chassis-to-mount area on the rear of their GD, this setup is definitely considerably stiffer and more resilient, as well as more weather resistant than any other we have found.

the Whiteline mounts I am referring to are the gold coloured pieces in the pic below:

these fit beautifully on Cusco's brace, this is about 15 minutes of labor for installation on a clean vehicle.