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This is a discussion on Tire Shenanigans within the Suspension & Wheels forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Did you try rotating the fronts to the rears and see if the vibrations are still happening. That will at ...

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    Did you try rotating the fronts to the rears and see if the vibrations are still happening. That will at least tell you if something is wrong with wheel/tires setup or something wrong on the car itself. IDK thats wierd.....maybe possible alignment issue?

    either way....keep us updated....

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    Did the service guy check for bent rim when he balanced? Also when a tire calls for a lot of weight I "180" the tire, ive fixed a lot of other shops mess ups by doing this... its where you spin the tire 180 degrees on the rim then re balance usually for a lot lowerweight so maybe you can suggest this... when theres a lot of initial weight then it becomes unbalanced faster. Also are they static balancing (only one side has weights) if they are then thats also a big no no. The tma (tire manufacturers association) my workplace and michelin consider putting a lower load range capacity on a car than what oem was one of if not the worst thing you can do. So from experience us as tire techs in the industry can not do this. You would be suprised the ammount of stuff that the load carrying capacity actually means. Personally michelin tires never have a balance issue cause there so perfect, the other day I put pilot sport as 3's on a acura and 3 of the tires balanced with only adding .5 grams or less which is just insane.

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    They said that they've checked for bent rims, they also rotated the tire on the rim 180 degrees. I finally got the new tires in, they're Yokohama S.Drives with the proper load index. Unfortunately, I'm still having the same problems. I was out of town for a week so when I find time I'm going to try and move the back wheels to the front and see if the vibration problem follows the tires. I'm pretty sure they're not static balancing as there are weights in multiple places on some of the rims.

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