I have seen a few videos on removing front struts and replacing the shock but nothing specific to the 08+ Impreza 2.5 sedan. I do not have an air impact setup only elbow grease applied to standard wrenches and sockets. I will have to rent the ratchet type spring compressor from the local parts house.

Is there anything tricky to disassembling and reassembling the housing/top cap in an 08+ Impreza sedan? I am most concerned about the re-tightening of the tophat nut that holds the cap (and assembly) in place without the shock shaft spinning. What is the best procedure so not touch/scar the shock shaft but get the tophat nut tight?

I am looking at ordering online and using the KYB GR-2/EXCEL-G SERIES ($82 USD each) as the replacements for mine which have 51k miles because the right front is leaking – blown seal I assume. I will reuse the OEM springs.

Am I fooling myself as a first (and likely last) timer? Is it common to take the assembly somewhere and have it taken apart and put back together?

You opinions are appreciated.