Do rotors "warp"?
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This is a discussion on Do rotors "warp"? within the Suspension & Wheels forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Ok, so to make a short story long, I hit a deer a while back and after all was repaired ...

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    Do rotors "warp"?

    Ok, so to make a short story long, I hit a deer a while back and after all was repaired I began to feel a vibration in the pedal on breaking. I thought it was rotor warpage due to stopping hard just before impact with Bambie. As time went on it got worse, so I figured the hot spot generated by the uneven contact with the break pad caused additional warpage and so i purchased new rotors. I got a deal due to a situation where the rotors I ordered were not in stock (T2s) so he sold me some T3s for ten bucks more than the T2s. Now I have rotors way over qualified for the job, But I thought WTH they'll last a really long time. Then I read that rotors don't warp due to hard breaking. And that the culprit is typically uneven torquing of the wheel lugs. Here is my rotor just for ****s and giggles.
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    On a few forums people were saying "rotors don't warp from breaking, it's incorrect installation of wheel components"
    So the question is. Do higher quality rotors last longer? Is heat and breaking a factor in rotor warpage? Is it worth the money to buy great rotors? Thanks all!!!
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    From my experience most rotors don't truly warp. However that's not true of steel rotors of which I have seen first hand distorted from heat. In your case we are talking cast iron rotor. Most of the warpage issue comes from uneven pad deposits and hot spots created by holding your foot on the brake at a light after hard use for example.

    What I see a lot of here is corrosion on the disc. I'd wager that the pad was sitting at the spot where you show the wear up top. That corrosion simply ate away at the iron and in time created the lower pocket area you have created by wiping the other part fresh again with the pad.

    Iron being iron..I'd not say you'll see much protection from those elements with one brand vs the other.

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